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Kids in Action
Sikh Kids on WAMU 88.5

SikhKId2Kid On WAMU 88.5. and online via Metro Connection on WAMU.org

Photo Credit Megan Pauly/WAMU

Montgomery County Group Educates Teachers About Sikh Culture

After the recent Paris attacks, anti-Islamic sentiments and racial profiling are at risk of rising in the United States. Sikh men wear turbans for religious reasons, and are sometimes wrongly mistaken for Muslims and even terrorists. A local Montgomery County group is trying to change this by educating teachers about Sikh culture.

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Our Mission

Our Mission: Sikh Kid 2 Kid’s mission is to create a community in which all children can feel safe and secure in their identity regardless of the faith or culture they belong to. We eradicate ignorance with the power of education. Sikh Kid to Kid consists of the youth working to remove all misconceptions of who a Sikh is, and making the next generation accepting of all cultures and religions. In addition, Sikh Kid to Kid breaks boundaries, creating an inclusive environment for the kids to connect with other kids to come up with innovative solutions to problems their generation is facing. Overall, Sikh Kid 2 Kid is a platform for the next generation to empower themselves through bettering the greater community 


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